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Escaner de Codigo de Barras Portatil - BI-300Escaner de Codigo de Barras BI-300

BP-300 Features

BI-300 packed with most compact, most lightweight Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is a necessity for all business featuring mobility. You can simplify your complicated business with this wireless scanner without hand-carrying a heavy terminal unit.

BI-300 is built to withstand harsh work environments.
-Rated IP30 for protection against dust
-Withstand multiple 1.5m drops to steel surface
-Operate in a temperature range of -5℃ to 40℃

BI-300 is Linux driven and implements Bluetooth wireless connectivity or a USB data cable. The device can be interlocked with various Pidion terminals, mobile computing equipments and work PC. Its storage capacity is 300,000 barcode data in 32MB memory offered as a standard.

-Scan and cancel button provide simple and easy operation.
-LEDs and audible beep indicate data collection, Bluetooth and battery status.
-Sleek, compact and hand-held device grants you easy control of your work.

The long lasting 720mAh Li-Ion battery provides over 15,000 scans and lasts up to 8 hours straight per full charge. There is no more troublesomeness to change batteries frequently unlike mercury batteries powered scanners.

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