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Semi-Punto de Venta BIP-100 & BIP-110Semi-Punto de Venta BIP-100, BIP-110

BIP-100 Features

Functionality: BIP-100 is a Semi POS integrated with MSR, IC Card Reader, thermal printer as well as Data Communication. The Ability in point-of-sale, receipt printing, ticketing and real-time data transfer in a single device increases sales productivity.

Security: Secure, guaranteed transaction and payment methods:
- MSR: Bi-directional, Tracks 1,2,3, ISO 7810
- IC Card Reader
- Contact Type: EMV Level 1&2 approved, ISO 7816

Compatibility: BIP-100 with Windows CE-based operating system makes it easy to install custom applications and access to your work PC. The device allows you to manage real-time information all about work documents, customers, inventorye.

Ergonomic: 3.5” graphic LCD delivers excellent graphic capability and readability. It allows merchants to promote their brand and customers to check the buying process. Besides, touch screen provides convenient sales operation with a stylus pen or fingertips.

BIP-110 Features

Functionality: BIP-100 is an attachable payment terminal integrated with IC card reader, RF card reader and digital signature pad. Merchants are able to improve operational efficiency by using dual methods of payment transaction in a single device.

Security: Secure, guaranteed transaction and payment methods:
- IC Card Reader
- Contact Type: EMV Level 1&2 approved, ISO 7816
- Contactless Type: ISO 14443 A/B

Flexibility: Merchants are able to upgrade the payment methods, since BIP-110 can be adapted to almost any surface -including BIP-100, point of sales and cash register systems- with a serial cable and minimum implementation costs.

User Friendly: 2.9” digital signature pad supports a large signature capture area. Card holders can easily input their signature with stylus pen to confirm the payment transaction. With the easy-to-use device, merchants are able to shortcut customer wait time.

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